BITNGARD country

Вitngard is a virtual decentralized crypto-country with real passports, embassies, and businesses.We build on Stellar

It's time to change reality to Web 3.0

State coat of arms of Bitngard

State coat of arms of Bitngard

Flag of the Bitngard

The State Flag of Bitngard is a flag consisting of two horizontal stripes of equal size, dark green on top, light green on the bottom, and an oval element between them.

Аnthem of the Bitngard

The National Anthem of Bitngard is a national anthem to the music of I.Tkachenko with words approved by law

"To those who brave
To those who strong
To those who don’t belong to this world
Living in Bitngard
For those who see
For those who knows
What they want from this world
For peacemakers , forgivers and dreamers"

The national currency of Bitngard

BTDR token

Bitngard Passport

Sample front part

Bitngard Passport

Sample back part

What is Bitngard?

The place where all the latest web 3.0 developments will be implemented

Each citizen will have his own NFT avatar

Let's build a state in the metaverse

Each passport will have an NFT copy

Our mission :

Unite 1,000,000 people into one community that will change the world through cryptocurrencies, business and political influence.

The laws will be passed by Congress, which will consist of 100 of the smartest people of this generation.

We apply for membership in the UN.

Bitngard is people united by a common vision of the world.

People of action who are ready to change the world

1.We are creating a real crypto country with all its attributes.
2. Anyone can become a part of our country, for this you need to get a passport.
3. At the current stage, we will open embassies and representative offices around the world. At these embassies, our citizens will be able to receive protection, legal advice and many other useful things.
4. The country will have its own system of government with a President, Congress and governors in each country. Positions will be sold at auction.
5. We are launching our own cryptocurrency. We will list it on exchanges and everyone will be able to buy it. Using the token, citizens will be able to vote, pay in partner stores, and hold.
6. The global goal is to buy a huge plot of land and build all the necessary infrastructure there: shops, mining centers, residential buildings, a complex of solar panels. A place where every citizen of Bitngard will be welcome.

Savings currently amount to $2500 +

It is beneficial to have a Bitngard passport, discounts on training and paid platforms, films, placements in projects and much more.

Here you can see all partner projects and discounts in these projects

This is just the beginning

Get ready for tens of thousands of dollars in savings with us


Basic provisions:

Article 1. Bitngard is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, legal state.
Article 2. A person, his life and health, honor and dignity, inviolability and security are recognized as the highest social value in Bitngard.
Article 3. The principle of the rule of law is recognized and valid in Bitngard.
Article 4. The official language in Bitngard is English.
Article 5. Bitngard's foreign policy activities are aimed at ensuring its national interests and security by maintaining peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation with members of the international community according to generally recognized principles and norms of international law.

Leave an application for a passport, purchase a position

Also, if you want to become the first person in your country to build Bitngard there, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Passport price

$300 / First year

$50 / for each next year

Maximum number of citizens 1,000,000 individuals

Payment in :

  • Pay Pal

  • BTDR

  • Crypto

The price of being a congressman

$3000 / Year

Number of congressmen in Bittngard - 100
Payment in :

  • Pay Pal

  • BTDR

  • Crypto

Golden Passport

$500 / Year

This passport allows you to be in constant contact with other members of Congress.

Maximum number of golden citizens 10 000 individuals

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